Our Services

Our Services

What We Do

Trans-Glosar offers you translation, localization and proofreading services across 100+ languages with competitive rates. We also provide a TRANSLATION/LOCALIZATION CONTRACT with discount offers, to assure your priority for us.


our company has expert linguists, available 24/7 who can deliver your work, meeting your requirements and using CAT Tools for your projects.


Localization is not just translation, though translation surely represent the major part of it. Localization is an all-inclusive method to adapt a content for a specific market or a certain region. It is highly required by industries of international expansion and companies whose customers speak different languages. This service helps them better reach their audience and customers in each market and region. We offer localization of software, applications, games, user manuals, websites..etc.


with a team of proofreaders and reviewers, deemed to be the cream of the crop, we guarantee you accurate and high-quality translation.

Payments And Rates

Payments And Rates

For online clients, payment shall be made fully in advance, via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or Western Union. For offline clients, 50% shall be made in advance, in cash, via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or Western Union. For bulk or long-term projects, payments shall be made on milestones.

Rates start from 0.02$ per word. Rates are exactly estimated after reviewing the documents and selecting the target language.

payment in advance


Payment Per word

Turnaround Time And Translation Delivery

Turnaround time is set based on the word count and the service required
(legal translation, financial translation, technical translation...etc).

You will receive the translated documents a soft copy (via email) or a hard copy
(at office or via delivery with extra fees)

Translation, localization and proofreading domains

Legal: contracts, case summaries, legal briefs, certificates, agreements...

Technical: manuals,manufacturing, engineering..

Medical: medical reports, clinical protocols, user manuals for medical devices, test procedures...

Software and Website localization

Business and financial translation: deals, bids, ads, sales, marketing, annual reports, financial statements,insurance
documents,balance sheets, prospectuses...

Certificates and official documents of all kind

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